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Elizabeth Rudolph

R+F Independent Consultant

(406) 581-3394
My favorite products:
SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment and
ENHANCEMENTS Body Micro-Dermabrasion

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My Story

By trade I am a Registered Dietitian.  I also am a Real Estate agent.  But, my main job, and most important work has been as a stay at home mom of 3.  When I heard about R+F, I was starting to explore opportunities to bring in some extra income for our cross country trips to see my family in Alabama.  I wanted a way to bring in some income with sacrificing the flexibility we had with my husband’s job.  See, he is in software and is able to work anywhere in the country that there is internet access.  That has allowed us to live in Montana, but go visit my family in Alabama for a couple of months at a time if we want, like we did last summer.  

When I heard about R+F, and the opportunity to partner with the 2 of the biggest dermatologists names in skincare, I jumped on board.  Having never even tried the products, I knew I had to start my own virtual franchise because I knew the business was smart and was going somewhere.  I’m so glad I jumped in when I did!  It’s allowed me to continue to stay home with my kids and earn the extra money we need to maintain the cross country family relationships we so cherish.  The best part is I am not limited in location or time by my job, so I can be completely present in the relationships that are so important to me.  

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